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I am a Motown junkie, total night owl, coffee connoisseur, analog aficionado, certified cinephile, and a proud and passionate Clevelander. When I'm not behind a camera (which isn't too often as I've had a camera in hand since the tender age of 5), I'm spending time with my rescue pups (I'm crazy enough to have three), hitting the cinema, or off on some sort of adventure that ultimate includes a camera.


Paramountly, I'm a storyteller and your story is as important as my own. I vow to devote my time, talent, and hustle to creating authentic, unique, and lasting photographs. I will gladly and excitedly travel for you and give all that I've got to preserving your memories.


For more information, please get in touch at @PreservedCLE on Instragram or Thank you for having a look and I cannot wait to hear your story!


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