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Film Friday No. 1

It's no secret I love film. This year marks eight years since I first started shooting analog (let's just say those days are a distant memory and full of laughable first attempts), then I got serious in 2013. Film is my go to, far more than digital nowadays. For me, film is a meditation in patience. We are a culture of instant gratification. We can snap a photograph and immediately see the results, delete and start again.Film teaches you to wait. You have to develop and print before you get that final result. It’s a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy the process.

Keeping on trend with my intentions, I have challenged myself to shoot one roll of film a week. Any subject, for fun or professional, just go shoot. I tried this back in 2015 and came a few rolls shy. After an abysmal 2107 (I think I shot less than 10 rolls of film last year... eek.), I want to document this year in greater detail.

So to keep me accountable, I'm starting up #FilmFriday, sharing a few of my favorite shots from the week. Ready for it? Here's a few favorites from Week 1/52...

Naturally, a mirror portrait would be my first shot.

As per usual, these were shot on my trusty AE-1 with TMAX I'm 99.9% sure was expired, but gimme dat grain all day everyday. Tune in next Friday for #FilmFriday No. 2.

Shoot film? Let me see your shots! Use #FilmFriday and tag me @PreservedCLE so I can see!

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