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Film Friday No. 8

I've been hesitant to post these if I'm being honest. Learning a new camera always presents itself as a source of self consciousness. I promised myself this year I would strive for authenticity. So in honor of keeping it real, here's my first fledgling roll from my Mamiya 645e (you'll be hearing more about this adventure next week).

I haven't really had much medium format experience other than my Holga 120N. This was a challenge (it took me an hour to figure out how to load the film...). I only shot at home, mainly because I'm a little afraid to shoot the camera out of the house! Bumps in the road a plenty, but eventually one whole roll was shot.

Do you have any gems from your first rolls of film from a new camera? Share them! Make sure to use #FilmFriday and tag me @PreservedCLE.

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