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Film Friday No. 17

With the heat we've been having lately, I can't say I'm missing the beach. However, I'm definitely missing the easy going lull of palm trees.

Miami is slowly creeping up on my list of favorite places to visit, but Cleveland will always have my heart.

And after this photo, this is when the free tequila started flowing and my focus... not so much... but sometimes tequila makes good photos. Right? I'm going to go ahead and say yes. When in Miami...

I love MIami, but I much prefer the quiet of Lake Worth, Florida. Spent the day walking around the quaint beach town snowcone in hand. Now, you can't beat that.

This was my last work trip to Florida for the year. While I love traveling, my favorite place is home. So happy to be back in the CLE for at least the first two weeks of July.

Any fun summer desitations on your schedule this summer? Where are you going? Share it in the comments!

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